Highlander Tradition

National Grad Nite was established by concerned parents and volunteers who realized a value in keeping the grads contained for the night. Over the years this action has saved the lives of our children during a traditional celebrative evening by facilitating an atmosphere free of drugs, alcohol and especially; drunk drivers.

A Community Responds
After the death of a student by the hands of a drunk driver, La Habra High School piloted “Grad Nite” for the graduating class of 1988. The event was so successful that volunteer parents, community partners and school administration formally adopted the cause to be produced each graduation night.  Our mission and vision demonstrate a goal to give the grads a sheltered place to gather with their friends and celebrate their success before they head out into the big world surrounding La Habra. For some, this will be a chance to say goodbye to childhood friends that they may not see for four years or more while perusing a higher education.

Keeping the Tradition Going
Each September a volunteer board of directors actively seeks parents or guardians of La Habra High School Freshmen, sophomores and juniors to get involved. Each year the current junior class chooses the event theme through an election of three venues presented by the current board of directors.  Typically the annual themes are Mardi Gras, Pirate, or Luau themed. The 2009 event showcased a “Grads Gone Wild in Seussville” Dr. Seuss themed party, 2015 was a Castaway Island theme.

Coming Together for a Great Cause
The preparation timeline is September-well, the week of graduation beginning with monthly board meeting to plan logistics and monthly planning meetings to strategize the theme decorations.  There are 28 years of props to be utilized for various activities. Most Saturdays beginning in January offer an opportunity for work parties to choose props, create and organize their decorations. During the week of graduation every inch of the school gym (including the restrooms) is transformed into an incredible world of elegance, fun and most importantly; safety.

Fun, Fun and More Fun!
Activities include a casino, D.J, dance floor, video games, jumpers, karaoke, crash room (to chill), photo op booth, rock wall, juice bar, live entertainment a café and more.

We’ve Got Our Eyes on Them
Event volunteers have the fun and safety of the grads in mind during the event. The grads are supervised from arrival about 9;30pm through 5am when check out commences however, the staff fades into service providers and do not interact with the grads, but be assured, we have our eyes on them. As parents we are surly aware that our kids will no doubt have the stamina to party through the night until morning.  No grad is permitted to exit the event unless a parent is physically present to sign a release. Additionally if a grad is signed up to attend and does not check in during the check in timeline, the parents are notified with a phone call. Each grad must go through a safety check to ensure no unpermitted items make it into the event.  Everything they need to enjoy the night is available for their enjoyment.

A Highlander Tradition
At least 92% of the graduating class attends Grad Nite each June. Cost of admission offsets event expenses. Beyond event fees the committee looks to individual and community donors to meet expenses. Donor opportunities and a wish list is available on this website to outreach needs.  This event could not be possible without volunteers who donate their time and talent. Volunteer opportunities are listed on this website. It is our wish that the information you have learned about us will empower you to be involved. Please visit the calendar page to view the meeting schedule. Thank you for your interest.