Committee & Contacts

Take a look and see where you would like to volunteer in 2018!  It’s not just for senior parents!  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, college, and middle school parents are also welcome!

Committee Contacts 2017 Grad Nite

Executive Board
Co-Chairperson Esther Renteria 562-787-4172
Co-Chairperson Rachel Mendoza 714-292-1120
1st Vice Chairperson Brian Barlow 562-458-3688
2nd Vice Co-Chairperson
Treasurer April Bullard 562-902-0246
Parlimentarian Barbara Dunagan 626-485-6392
1st VP Committees:
Baby Wall Christal Goddard 562-755-6581 Guess Who
Bathroom – Boys Arcie Alpizar 562-665-4041
Bathroom – Girls Anne Reshes 562-233-9335 Candyland
Check-In Rachel Tryon 562-544-8963 Scrabble
Check-Out Regina Fiscus 562-237-7160 Uno
Crash Room Becky Reich 562-458-8144 Legos
Electrical (@ set-up) Israel Lopez 562-665-4756 N/A
Juice Bar Leonard Gastelum 562-397-6248 Tic Tac Toe
North Wall Decorations Elizabeth Peeters 562-665-4912
Program/Map/Signs Marie Scheiern
Prize Booth
Ride-In Lisa Breen 562-688-4251
Sparkle Duty Heidi Potter 562-472-8565 N/A
Take Down
Tower Decorations Renee Rainey 562-233-8222 Yahtzee
2nd VP Committees:
Design Book Collector N/A
Donor Thank-You Board N/A
Entertainment April Bullard 562-902-0246 N/A
Food for Grads – food  Yvonne Mercado  714-875-1781
Food for Grads – decoration  Maggie Valdes Hungry Hippo
Food for workers – set up week
Food for workers – during the event
Banners / Leis sales
Outside Design – Karaoke
Outside Design – tree, etc.
Outside Design – landings
Party Staffing  Stacy Small  562-833-0607
Photo Op
Web Page Heidi Potter 562-472-8565 N/A


You are invited to join with our efforts to plan and create the 2017 graduating class Grad Nite. It takes many creative minds to plan the event logistics, decorations, activities and fun. The following volunteer FAQ information may help you determine if you would like to volunteer. If you do not see a fit, please tell us how you would like to help. Who can volunteer? Everyone in the community is welcome to help in any capacity that they are able. The only exception is an individual must be 21 years of age in order to volunteer during the actual event. Ideally, families of current freshmen, sophomores and juniors are encouraged to help out. Getting involved will ensure that your senior’s Grad Nite will be a success. This event can only be as successful as the year before with the dedicated volunteers who have a passion to continue the tradition.

What type of help can I offer?

#1 Time– Planning. Molding the theme into action.

#2 Talent- creating the WOW! using materials at hand to form or paint props. 25 years of props and building materials are available to let your creativity go wild.

#3 Helping Hands– if you would like to help and not take charge, we have plenty of tasks that need attention.

#4 Logistic Planning– the nuts and bolts of safety and function; if you are handy with electricity, construction, etc, etc.; this may be the kind of fun you enjoy. All of the behind the scene logistics are vital to accomplish this event.

#5 Event Supervision– During Grad Nite there are many tasks that need volunteer attention such as serving food, supervising the graduates, sparkle helpers and much more. As we begin planning; more details will be posted.   As soon as our initial meetings commence, more details on volunteer needs will be posted. Please visit back soon and often. Thank you for your consideration on helping out.

If you did not find a need that you would like to help with; please email your comment or ideas to:

Meetings are held 1st Wednesday of each month in the LHHS Library at 7:00pm  from November through May.  May is a mandatory meeting for all volunteers.

Saturday Work Parties- as needed– by storage bins on basketball courts 9am-12:30pm  If you need to gain access to bins please contact Esther Renteria 562-787-4172

Set up begins Saturday, May 13.

If you notice a spelling error or incorrect contact posted on this page please email to communicate your updates. Thank you.

Additional Committee Contacts will be posted as they volunteer.