We  need volunteers to be on these committees-
            1.  Chaperones- to attend the entire time at GN to make sure our graduates are behaving and having fun
            2.  Sponsorship-  seek financial donors to help deserving students attend GN who Dr. Zener feels need help paying
            3.  Candy/Dessert Bar- Help obtain donations of sweets and baked goods, set up the table, keep the table stocked throughout the event and clean up)
            4.  Breakfast Bar- Help obtain food that can be served as a quick breakfast to the graduates at the end of GN.  Serve and clean up
            5.  Check in Table- Help check in graduates at the front door of Dave and Busters.  EASY! Check to make sure they paid and have required parent signatures.
            6.  Food for Adult volunteers/chaperones – Seek donations of food to serve to our adult helpers.  Set it up and make sure we are well taken care of 🙂
            7.  Prize/Donations- See local business to donate gift cards or item we can use to raffle off to the graduates as prizes.  Movie tickets, gift cards, lotions, perfumes…etc!
            8.  Crash Room- Help furnish and seek supplies needed to help make the crash room comfortable and fun.  The crash room is a place for graduates to chill out and rest from all the fun.